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All Dr. Fresh products are completely safe for use. They do not contain ‘diethylene glycol’ chemical that has been alerted by the FDA as unsafe for human usage.

Firefly toothbrushes contain three lithium batteries. The battery is not replaceable, however you will most likely wear the bristles out through normal brushing over a 3 month period before the battery dies.

It is water inside the toothbrush, however, dispose of the toothbrush as to alleviate any chance of harm to anyone.

It is recommended you reuse the Firefly container with baby wipes refills only. You should not put foodstuffs,medications or liquids in the container.

Of course! The Lavoris product line has been created with highest quality materials and ingredients to help keep your gums and teeth healthy. Non-denture products include toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss (waxed and mint waxed).